Gem Aircraft Aviation Excellence.

Gem Aircraft Aviation Excellence (GAAE) will be maintained to provide quality aviation practices to young students and professionals alike and to enhance their capabilities. The GAAE has the following objectives while we build the Gem Aircraft:

  1. To provide recognized and certified quality education and learning opportunities for the youth in order to help them achieve employment in the aviation sector, nationally and internationally.
  2. To promote continued professional development among aviation professionals.
  3. To provide opportunities of On-The-Job training to individuals and aviation professionals seeking enhancement of their career.
  4. To provide opportunities of learning in the various areas of aviation such as aviation security and safety, management of aircraft accidents, aviation laws, cargo, ATC- Air Traffic Controllers and flight operations.
  5. To establish high standards of education and training in order to maintain corporate satisfaction among the business community for the academy graduates.
  6. To develop and effectively deliver educational and training programs for participants including professional technical courses, short courses, seminar, workshops and conferences.

Front view Gem Aircraft

Aeronautical Engineering.

Gem Aircraft Aviation excellence, qualified Aeronautical engineers will certify the Gem Aircraft. As part of the team, the Aeronautical engineers will assist  in the Academy of Aviation Excellence  to expand our view for future development in students.

Process specific certifying plan &  Project safety plan.

The vision of the Product Certification Process.

A CID Document which comply with the FAA to certify an aircraft.
A credible and concise product certification process that results in:

  • Timely and efficient product type design and production approvals
  • Clearly defined and understood roles, responsibilities, and accountability of all stakeholders
  • Timely identification and resolution of the certification basis, potential safety issues, and business practice requirements
  • Optimal delegation using safety management concepts with appropriate controls and oversight.

Project Development & Manufacturing.

The project Gem Aircraft will show all phases of development and manufacturing in this website and will interact with shareholders and clients with the progress to make this a unique aircraft manufacturing process.

Training (Technical).

Gem Aircraft Technical will also form part of the Gem Academy of Aviation Excellence and will cover the next topics.

  • Aviation Manufacturing Engineering Technician
  • Aviation Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Aviation Technician Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aviation Flight Management
  • Aviation Flight Training
  • Aviation Flight Safety