Process specific certifying plan & Project safety plan

Certification of the Gem Aircraft will be according the FAA rules and regulations. The Gem Aircraft will be certified as a type certified aircraft.

All certification programs will be conducted in accordance with the product certification (CPI) principles. These principles are clear up-front planning, understanding and agreement to a program’s certification requirements, and the plan to show and find compliance. The planning elements consist of product description, schedule, certification basis, means of compliance, communications & coordination, delegation, test plans, documentation, production certification and post certification requirements. A planning document (certification program plan or PSCP) will be agreed to and signed by appropriate accountable management personnel (FAA & applicant)

All certification programs will have a defined issues resolution process. As a minimum this process will require the ACO office manager and corresponding industry partner to participate in a review of this process on a weekly basis. The weekly open issues review will require closure plans for all issues and management oversight of this closure activity.

For all programs that have been conducted in accordance with the CPI principles there will no longer be a real-time review of designee approvals that would impede the progress of a program. Once the certification basis, product definition, means of compliance and designers have been identified a disciplined delegation decision can be made. This delegation decision will lead to FAA approved data and as such the real-time review by ACO personnel is not necessary.